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Yahoo mail has been one of the pioneers in the email scenario. It was among the first exploit this domain and provide people with well-organized and well-structured emailing service and a pretty good one too. It was essentially launched into the scenario in the year 1997. It provides a staggering four distinct email plans, namely, Basic, Plus, and the Ad Free, which fall under the Personal plan and another plan called the Business plan. As of the data of 2011, Yahoo mail is holding a user base of approximately 281 million people across the globe. Additionally, it is the world’s third biggest web based email service provider.

There is no need to mention it but Yahoo is a serious contender in the email services business and has a huge user base in the world. But does this mean that it is free from technical errors? Absolutely not. Just like any other internet based emailing service, Yahoo mail is just as vulnerable and open to potential technical errors. To this we say, do not worry! We have brought to you the Yahoo customer service UK number so as to get you access to the most elite expert team when it comes to resolving technical issues and hindrances in the Yahoo mail. The Yahoo support UK number provides instant technical assistance regardless of the time and place of the callers. It is the aim of our customer support staff to provide immediate relief to Yahoo users in the UK who are facing difficulties due to technical faults.

Our team at the Yahoo customer service is spontaneous in our actions. We not only aim at resolving problems but also to do it with efficiency. See, merely solving technical issues would not work in the long run. Yahoo email users are millions in number and so are the problems regarding the email service. This calls for a smooth and efficient workforce. Our team of experts are especially trained for resolving issues swiftly so that our callers do not have to wait long queues. In addition to that, our Yahoo customer care is operational on an around the clock basis with professionals working relentlessly to serve you at whatever time your problem arises.

The usual problems that are faced while working the yahoo email are as follows -

  • Password of the email account is lost
  • Inability to receive or send emails
  • Technical issue in attaching files in the email
  • Spam emails coming in the inbox rather than the spam folder
  • Email is not able to filter spam messages
  • Security setting compromised
  • Email account hacked by hackers
  • Yahoo email account blocked/deactivated
  • Yahoo email account lagging/ running slow
  • Not able to access your Yahoo email account from your smartphone
  • You are locked out of your Yahoo email account
  • Pop ups coming automatically

These issues are serious. Some of them might not come across as serious ones, but they all create the same issue in the longer run, that is, cause immense amount of losses due to lack of functionality of the email service. However, the Yahoo support number UK is here to help our users. We at Yahoo support number UK are a group of trustworthy and trained professionals who are adept at resolving the above mentioned issues.

Below mentioned are some of the services offered by us -

  • Assistance in recovering lost passwords
  • Assistance in case users are not able to attach files, images, or videos in the email
  • Assistance in case the Yahoo email account has been hacked
  • Technical support in case the you are not able to sync your phone to your Yahoo email account
  • Technical support in case user forget their Yahoo email account recovery details like questions, hints, etc.

These were just a few of our services at the Yahoo email customer support. All you need to do is call us at our toll free number at the Yahoo email support UK number.

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