Now View Attached Attractive Images Instantly in Yahoo Mail

Search to easily find photos and files from people.Attachment of any image creates interest for users to read the entire email. But when, users require downloading it, they need an application in their system and devices. It becomes quite difficult for users to download it and then view images. So recently yahoo bought changes for users, where in they do not require downloading the app now to view the image, they can view it anytime. If you use the full featured Yahoo you can immediately view the attached images as toggling between yahoo mail basic and yahoo. Call yahoo customer service for help and support whenever you require.

Get to know, how can you view image in Yahoo Mail basic

If users are using Yahoo Mail Basic format, then this might be common that you cannot see the images immediately. Instead, you see a link icon with a Save option available under it. Saving that link downloads the file to your computer where you can open an application and view it anytime you require.

If you want to toggle between basic and full featured Yahoo mail you can follow these steps below –

  • Click on the menu option at the top of the mail
  • Now choose settings option from the menu
  • Now click viewing email in the left panel of the settings windows
  • In the mail section click on the radio version
  • At the end click on save

These steps are easier and convenient that help users in switching between two Yahoo mail versions and it also help users view images without downloading and automatically save in their device internal storage.

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