Setting Up Yahoo Account On A Different Device By Customer Support

Got a new phone and are unable to login to your Yahoo account? This is a common issue faced by the users. Actually, this is a safety measure by Yahoo which protects your account from getting hacked. It stops the other users to log in to your account from the other devices. If you are not able to sign into your account, contact Yahoo customer service and get a solution to your problem.

When you change your phone or try to log in from some different device, you come across a verification message. It prompts a message ‘First time signing in from the device’. After this message, you need to verify your phone number or email address. Depending on what you select, you can receive the security code through a text message, call, or an email. Choose the mode and enter the password and security code. This verifies your identity and is considered safe for your account. You also get a notification mail in your inbox stating that you tried to sign in to your account from the other device. If it’s not you, take some action to protect your account.

Signing in from a different device is not an issue; Yahoo just needs to verify that the user is same. By simply following the simple steps suggested by Yahoo, the user can sign in his account. With complete protection it allows you to use your account. If a user faces any problem in between and is not able to log in to his account, he must contact yahoo customer care online. The representative will listen to your problem and connect you with a professional who has knowledge of the same. Once you log into your account, you can access all your data. Continue with your account and read or send emails.

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