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Verizon Communication is a leading multinational company based out of America. The company was founded in 1983 and is known for providing services in different fields like telecommunication, technology and mass media. With its headquarters in New York, USA, the company has become the world’s second largest telecommunication company by revenue. It is also the largest service provider of wireless communication in the USA. The company also provides Verizon Customer Service Support for its users.

Verizon Wireless Customer Service is considered as the reliable service providers across the USA. The company offers technical support for all the issues faced by a user. For Verizon, customer service is the greatest aspect for a business to grow. No matter how strong the product is, if the user is not provided complete support, it is difficult for a company to survive in long term.

There can be various technical issues faced by a Verizon user. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Unable to Read or Compose Mail – If you are not able to read or compose mail, try to refresh the screen or restart the browser. Through this, you can solve error 404. While refreshing the browser select “Keep me signed in” checkbox on the My Verizon sign-in screen. After selecting this checkbox email session is kept active and signing out of account is prevented. In case, your problem is not resolved, it is better to contact Verizon Wireless Support And Customer Care.
  • Unable to Block Unwanted Email Address – If the Verizon user is receiving mails from an unknown email id, it is wise to block the email addresses. By following the simple steps, you can conveniently block the email id:
    • Go to the Settings menu icon
    • Click on blocked addresses
    • Enter the email address that you wish to block in the “add an address field”
    • Now, simply click block.
  • Problem in Sending a Text to Verizon User through Email – In case you are unable to send text messages to a Verizon user through your email, just follow the simple steps:-
    • Open a new email message.
    • Enter the mobile number in the email message’s “To” field.
    • Add the SMS gateway address of the recipient’s cellular provider immediately after the 10-digit phone number. For instance “”
    • Compose the message, not exceeding 160-character limit for SMS messages. (If the message is longer, it will get split into multiple parts.)
    • Now, click send.
  • Issue in Setting up email on Verizon Wireless cell phone – To set up your email account on your Verizon Wireless cell phone number, follow these steps:-
    • First of all, review the email settings. Check out the incoming and outgoing server settings and port numbers. If the setting is not automatically updated, you ought to do it manually to add the email settings.
    • Now, visit the Verizon wireless support website and select your phone to find out the steps that apply to your cell phone.
  • Issue in Registering Your Verizon Account – It is quite easy to register your Verizon account. Simply follow the following steps and get yourself registered.
    • First of all, what you need to do is to have your mobile device near you and keep it turned on.
    • On your phone, you will receive a free text message containing a Registration PIN.
    • Now, you can complete registration by following the on screen prompts.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, a user might face some other technical issues in IMAP and POP, problem in receiving emails and attachments, issue in reading and composing emails, in setting up a Verizon email account, troubleshooting PoP3 error codes, fixing PST file errors and more.

The company provides technical support for Verizon in the following ways:-

  • Verizon Mobile setting configuration and setup
  • Remote online support (Verizon provide unlimited and best technical support provided)
  • Resolve the problem of installation and configuration issues
  • Set up and configure ISP email accounts.
  • Verizon email account for spam filter setup and enabling block rules
  • Helps in email sending and receiving issues with Verizon
  • Support in receiving mail and attachments from other email addresses
  • Resolving receiving and sending email errors

To provide smooth services to its users, Verizon has a customer service team that can be reached almost at all times. The professionals are ready to serve you with the most apt solutions to solve your problem without wasting any time. Mostly, the customer service is provided through chat, email, phone, or at a service desk in the office. Feel free to contact on Verizon Wireless Customer Service Number for any technical assistance required.

Before going to discuss the problem with the professional, it is advised to carry accurate account details ready. Besides this, you might also need some other important information like an account number, ID number, mailing address. Also, carry a pen and paper ready beside you so that you could quickly jot down any reference numbers, if given to you. In case you are calling on behalf of a family or friend, you ought to have some identification proof for verification purpose.

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