Wont Access Yahoo Mail After Password Reset

Wont Access Yahoo Mail after Password Reset

After a password change on my Yahoo email account ( no two factor identification), I cant integrate or access my Yahoo email account on my Q10 BB hub ( I can log on through the BB browser). I have tried to edit the account parameters, deleted and added a new account etc to no avail. Spent two hours with Yahoo Customer Service support at my telco carrier to no avail. They claim the yahoo rim service might be “down” ( ???)

Sometimes the account creation process will add the yahoo calendar, but not contacts or email, stating they are unavailable. Two error messages are generated:

1) cant setup account at this time or 2) There is a problem, check your parameters and try again.

BTW I can access the account easily on my desktop AND on my ipad, with the proper new credentials.

Ok, apperently i came her to find a solution my self but let me help you out with youre.

Basically yahoo due to its safety policies… (bla bla)

Heres a step by step guide to fix it.

1. sign in to your yahoo account from a tablet or a desktop pc

2. Navigate to your account info (where your avatar would be)

3. This takes you to account info page, you would be required to sign in there as well.

4. Navigate to account security and click on that, and then click on Manage app password.

5. Generate a password there and use that to sign in to your device requesting for a password.

It looks like this: “xght ftwb sthd asjy”

6. Good luck.